Our main services for packaging

packaging service

We support you in the production and maintenance steps of your blister lines. We offer you training courses, on site or at Elizabeth Europe, and we assist you in the study and development of your projects. We can also offer you solutions for the study and improvement of your OEE.

Our main services for packaging :

- Study and development

    • Product development assistance
    • Assistance in improving operations
    • 3D printing
    • PVC/PVDC thermofored web manufacturing
    • Placebo manufacturing

- Training

    • Distribution choice
    • Feeders setting up
    • Blisters study and design

-  Maintenance

    • Cutting tools
    • Repair expertise
    • Preventive maintenance

- Production

    • Supply of equipment
    • Pre-performance guaranty
    • Start-up assistance
    • Urgent deadline

This list is not complete, for any other specific request, please contact us: service@elizeurope.com