Elizabeth group

The Elizabeth group is comprised of several production sites dedicated to the pharmaceutical tooling and powder compression domains. This represents more than 500 people in Europe, in the USA and Asia.

The Elizabeth Die & Co factory is the original site and the headquarters of the group. Located near Pittsburgh (PA), USA. It produces shape compression tooling and so called « special » compression tooling.

The Elizabeth-Hata factory, based in North Huntingdon (PA), USA, is a leading supplier of high-speed rotary tabletting presses for pharmaceutical and industrial product manufacturer.

The Elizabeth-Scheu & Kniss factory, based in Louisville (KY), USA, is a leading manufacturer of high quality tablet press replacement parts, turrets and rebuild services.

Elizabeth of North Carolina is based in Lexington (NC), USA and produces round tablet compression tooling and hot-forge tooling.

Elizabeth Components factory, located in Latrobe (PA),  is a leading provider of precision grinding services of tungsten-carbide and ceramic materials to the oil and natural gas service industries as well as many other.

Most recently, Elizabeth established a joint Venture with Parle (India), Parle-Elizabeth Pvt. Ltd. which gave 2 new sites in the area of Munbai (India). One is dedicated to compression tooling and one is dedicated to rotary presses production.

Elizabeth Europe (former EPMO) is based in Blois, France. It produces compression tooling, blistering tooling and spare parts for presses. We provide sales and services for machines developed in the group.