Our main services for manufacturing

manufacturing service

We support you in the manufacturing and maintenance of your tools, turrets and tablet presses. We offer you training and expertise, on site or at Elizabeth Europe. We also assist you in the study and development of your projects, taking into account all the constraints related to the formulations and geometries of your products.

Our main services for manufacturing:

- Study and development

    • Development of tablets
    • Compressibility tests
    • QO press qualification
    • Strength material calculation
    • Galenic expertise
    • Placebo manufacturing

- Training

    • Turret expertise
    • Tablet press control
    • Compression operator training
    • Compression developer training

- Maintenance

    • Tablet press expertise
    • Turret expertise
    • Tooling maintenance
    • Tablet press maintenance contract
    • OEM tablet press qualibration

- Production

    • Supply of equipment
    • Performance guarantee
    • Onsite assistance
    • Urgent deadline

This list is not complete, for any other specific request, please contact us : service@elizeurope.com