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Une COMBO V2.0 pour équiper la ligne blister UNITY 500 de ROMACO


ACHEMA Frankfurt, Germany (11.06.2018)

Romaco Unity 500 Powered by Combo v2.0

Romaco Noack & Elizabeth Europe deliver new value to modern blister packing operations.

Romaco and Elizabeth are pleased to announce the newly integrated Combo v2.0 feeding solution into
the Unity 500 blister line. Combo v2.0 is the latest generation of multi-function feeding system that
takes the complexity out of flexibility. The Unity 500 is ideally suited for small to medium batch sizes
and reliable transitions between frequent product changes that confront today’s modern packaging
operations. Combo v2.0 adds to the ease of use and ergonomics of Unity 500 that Romaco customers
already rely upon. Combo v2.0 is now offered as original equipment on Noack blister lines.

The pioneering efforts of Romaco Noack focus upon the entire value chain of solid pharmaceuticals.
“At Romaco we are continually seeking technical advancements that directly impact our customer’s
OEE and long-term value streams”, says Rolf Izsak, Product Manager at Romaco. “The Combo v2.0 is
exactly that. We are providing a wide range of feeding technologies that the Combo system seamlessly
integrates and delivers new agility and assurance to our customer packaging operations.”

The Combo v2.0 is the next generation of patented Combo system originally introduced by Elizabeth
EPMO in 2005. Combo v2.0 builds upon the success of the 1st generation system by enhanced
ergonomics, smaller package, easier operator use, and novel construction that results in an unequaled
range of possible feeding solutions on a single platform (patent pending). “Combo systems have
repeatedly reduced our customer’s downtime when changing between product formats and have
accelerated equipment recovery to full-speed operation,” comments Philippe Colombat, Elizabeth
Europe Combo’s designer. “Whatever are your needs; economical or high speed, standard or special
shape tablets, pvc/alu or alu/alu, intermittent or continuous, and utilization of both existing and new
feeders, Combo v2.0 maximizes our customer’s efficiency.”

Elizabeth’s President of International Operations David Keefer comments, “I am truly impressed by the
Romaco organization and its commitment to value adding solutions for its clients. Elizabeth offers a
rich heritage of excellence by design. We hold our integrity towards customers with highest priority
across all of our businesses. We are proud to partner with Romaco and announce this multiplication of
value by the joining of Elizabeth Combo v2.0 and Romaco Unity 500 blister line.”
Romaco Group Director Product Management Dirk Bauernfeind comments, “this newly established
cooperation with Elizabeth proves the ability of Romaco to identify innovations in the market and to
partner with crucial players in the industry. We are always open to cooperate with reliable associates
for the benefit of our customers and we fully trust in the expertise and skills of Elizabeth to support us
with their unique feeding solution.”

Romaco and Elizabeth are pleased to demonstrate this new technical pairing at ACHEMA 2018. Please
visit our stands in Hall 3.0 (Stands B.49 and A.50) at Frankfurt am Main starting 11 June. Our technical
teams will be available to present the unique features and leverage this new combination offers to our

About Romaco:

Romaco Group is a leading global manufacturer of packing and process technology. The company
develops, manufactures and markets intelligent system solutions that are specific to the requirements
of customers from the pharmaceutical industry. The portfolio includes granulating and coating
machines, tablet presses, blister and strip packaging machines, rigid tube filling machines for
effervescent tablets, cartoners, end of line equipment, liquid filling and powder dosing machines as
well as counting devices.

About Elizabeth:

Elizabeth Group is a leading global manufacturer of compression technology and blister packaging
technology used in a wide range of industry including pharmaceutical, nutrition, food, automotive,
energy, catalytic process materials, and precision machining services. Our products include
compression tooling, rotary tablet presses, press spare parts & turrets, and blister packaging format
tooling and feeders. Headquartered in McKeesport, PA – USA Elizabeth operates from 10
manufacturing and service facilities located throughout USA, Europe, and Asia.

Company Contacts:

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Association ADDO

Elizabeth Europe s’est engagé depuis 2005 aux côtés d’ADDO, l’association d’Aide au Développement du Dispensaire d’Oumnoghin, au Burkina Faso.

L’action principale de cette association est de permettre le fonctionnement du dispensaire et d’une maternité pour amener des soins de proximité à la population de Oumnoghin.

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Association SONG BIIGA

Association SONG BIIGA

Elizabeth Europe est partenaire depuis 2010 de l’Association SONG BIIGA qui vient en aide à l’enfance défavorisée à Tenkodogo (dans l’est du Burkina Faso).

Cette association fournit aux enfants : matériel scolaire, vivres et effets vestimentaires et les accompagne, année après année.

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