World Leader
in compression tooling
in blister pack tooling
High quality spare parts
for Tablet press supplier
Tablet press supplier
R&D and production
Special machines and peripheral equipment

Compression tooling

Design and Manufacture of Compression Tools

Outstanding quality, precision manufacturing, high- strength materials to wear at your service

Blister Tools

Design and Manufacture of Tools Format for any type machines

Complete formats, custom developed partial formats for you


Custom Made Machines

Tailor-made solutions to improve your processes and help you gain in productivity.

Press parts

Parts for press and control systems

High quality parts available on command


Equipments - Machines

An offer of tablet presses for your R&D department and production

Worlwide distribution

Our team aims to be closer to you, on the ground, through our sales engineers and our agents.

That's a total of 18 people in Europe at your disposal and at your service.

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